Atkins Diet Recipes Phase 1 Cooking: Creamed Cabbage With Bacon

I think the main reason I jumped on the Atkins Diet bandwagon years ago was due to the fact you were allowed to eat bacon. Some days I think bacon runs through my veins. Without a doubt, bacon is my favorite food. Yeah, I'm sure I say that about a lot of food, but seriously, bacon rocks!

Atkins Phase 1 Induction Diet Creamed Cabbage with Bacon. Takes less than 20 minutes and the entire family will enjoy this low carb meal.

I stumbled upon this recipe a few months back and it's becoming a fast favorite in my household. I thought you may find it interesting and may want to test it out on your own family. By the way, my nephews love it and they're the pickiest eaters in the world.

Ladies and Gentleman, I proudly present to you, Creamed Cabbage with Bacon.

Recipe Stats:

Phase 1
Perfect for Atkins 20 or Atkins 40
5.1 Net Carbs
Protein 3.6 grams
Fiber 3.1 grams
Fat 14.7 grams
Calories 180


5 slices of bacon (thick or thin, real bacon or turkey bacon)
1 head cabbage - shredded
4 tbsps butter (unsalted is better since the bacon is very salty)
1/2 cup sour cream
*optional - garnish with a few cooked spinach leaves and top with a pad of butter


  1. Cook bacon in either a large skillet. Put cooked bacon on a paper towel or paper bag to absorb the excess oil. Crumble it once it cools.
  2. Add butter to the bacon and the remainder of the bacon grease over medium heat. 
  3. Once butter has melted, add the cabbage. Saute for 15 minutes until cooked thoroughly
  4. Add sour cream. Make sure it coats all of the cabbage. 
  5. Add crumbled bacon and enjoy!
Serves 4-5

If you make this, please leave me a comment down below. I'd love to know what you thought of it. 



  1. This was delicious and simple. I added a pound of ground beef and some garlic & onion seasoning, and it's a complete dinner for the week. Thank you for sharing!